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The economics for this website and the producing is 11112222,3333,9635 from icarlyshay company that we are losing money to make more supply of the anniedex trading cards and people who looks at the websites and the number is 444754,11123 that all the money and the wages that people earn and don't get the money on time.

Change of the anniedex prices for 2014-2015

Once a new year comes Our Crew has to change the prices because it cost more to make them and print them and then show it to people the sample of the anniedex that is coming out soon. It Depend how long it takes to get them and sell them online or by mail.

Rules For this website for 2015-2020

1. There is to be no inappropriate talk or posting any content anywhere on the site. Disobedience of this rule will get you so banned.

2. there is no posting or copying other people ideas and stuff that is already put on the website.

3. Do not disrespect the creator or the manager of the website or you will be kick off of this website and computer maybe get lock out for 10 weeks or 10 month depends how you respect the website.

4. You may not make any rude comments about races, genders, ethnic groups, or people with disabilities, disorders, or syndromes at all. Failure to follow this rule will result in a ban from the website creator.

5. Do not break this website law or you maybe paid the fine and fine is $300 fine who makes any bad or comment or quote.

6. If you wanted to volunteer to help this website you have to call me or email if you wanted to make changes or do your own idea and/or your own website. For Volunteering on the website our site need 3 people who know how to make a website or the webshow.

There is going to a volunteer application so you can sign up to help out.

7. My website will have Terms Of Use

8. NO Money back!!! when you purchase the annimon trading card to get a new one there is a refund you have to pay for the  trading cards $10.00 to get a new one if you like too.

Follow the 8 rules and also have fun on this website!!!!











Under Construction

Today i am writing this note to tell you guy that icarlyshay.webs.com is still under construction due to technology problem and camera problem to film a show and put it on the website. Sorry for all the patients be concern that this website will be down for a whole month or two depend. IT will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION TILL IT IS FIX AND PUT ON THE WEBSITE.

Congratulations on Melanie Second Baby

Congratulations to Melanie second Baby her baby name is fredward Benson he is born on January 18,2012 he is just 3lb and 7oz and he is still young to come out of the hospital so the Doctor told Melanie that your second baby has to stay in the ICU where baby are born in. Melanie ask the Doctor how long will Fredward Benson will be in the hospital till and when is he coming out from his oxygen tank so he can surived on his own and not have the machine do it for his breathing. Hi my name is Melanie shay and i am Carly shay twin sister and i have a new born baby his name is Fredward Benson he is 3lb and 7oz he is still too young to come out of the ICU area so i am going to explain to everyone in the shay family that COME AND SEE THE NEW BORN BABY IN THE ICU  AREA IN THE HOSPITAL. Hospital name that Melanie second baby was born at central dupage hospital  and the Doctor was Amazing  to help out the new born baby at one time. Baby Fredward Benson was not crying when he was born and he had a big problem in his brain that cause Fredward Benson to not even make a cry sound when he come out of the doctor hand at Central Dupage Hospital.

Congratulations on Melanie first baby

Congratulations to Melanie first baby her baby name is Samuel Puckett she is a newer baby in the planet and this website.

Samuel Puckett is 4lb 6oz she is a big baby she was born on December 19,2011 and she born at Edward hospital in Naperville.

Hi my name is Melanie i just got a baby today  her name is  Samuel Puckett and she was born just today at 3pm and i wanted to tell everyone in the family member she is cute to come and see her in the nursery because she is still young and she can't come out yet because her skin color is not the right one and the doctor told Melanie that Samuel Puckett has to stay in the nursery to check to her everyday to make sure her skin color is okay or not.

Enjoy the website that build for you to have fun and enjoy your life

The character  in the  my web show is Carly Spenser  and Freddie and SAM and Englebert the ugly doorman for the hotel!

Carly shay and Spencer shay in a car  accident serious that make them go to the emergency room.

Hello Everyone who is on this site please read this One day when carly ask her brother to drive her home and then a car hit carly shay car and her brother and her were injured from the accident that a drunk driver crash into them. Carly was not fine she had a brain injuries and a broken arm and a broken leg that make her stay at the  hospital for a month or two depending how the injuries is okay or not during the surgery and the recovery of the surgeon that told carly dad about the injuries that a drunk driver do to both of carly and her brother dad children. Spencer was very injured because when the emergency vicheles came they told carly shay dad that spencer has a broken rib and a broken back and a broken neck and a broken leg and a broken arm that make him uncomfortable to see that in the emt. The Emergency medical transportion told spencer that "you are going to be aright and i am going to take care of you and take you the hospital where adult goes because your injuries is a big serious thing that should be done now and you should recover from the accident." The EMT took carly to a children hospital where she is going to be taken care of her injuries from the car accident. The EMT told carly shay "you are going to aright i am here for you and don't cry i will be there when you are done with your surgery and take you to your brother hospital to see him and say hi." Carly say " i want to see my brother spencer because i miss him so much that i want to make him happy and make him comfortable in his hospital bed and tell him a story and tell him about what happen to me." Carly DAD say " carly and spencer you are going to be aright these doctor and surgeon are the best in the nation and they will take care of you everyday and everyweek to feed you and to help you around the hospital if you need to so i hope you feel much better and i hope both of your surgery went well so i can take you home and take care you at my house." The Surgeon is a 30 year old guy he was helping carly shay surgery that day and helping her with injuries. Spencer surgeon that work on him is a 25 year old women that help him with is injuries also and her name is britney she is a good surgeon she went to a college that is called a university of IL that where she got her surgeon degree. 


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Kuma for the help on this website

Members who likes my website and put alots of comment and alots of suggestion and Ideas for the website and reading the rules and terms of the website and all the thanks to everything on this website and the webs.com and the owners of the this website.

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Megan Lin who created Icarlyshay.webs.com


Update December 2012

Well, enjoy ICarlyshay website!  Guys and Girls you will like this website but you have to know that this pages  can't have any badwords or anything bad here  because if i see a thing on this website i will DELETE YOU FROM MY WEBSITE PAGE!